Wednesday, 8 April 2015

These are "go-to" products...unusual ones!

Superdrug sell a very cheap hair oil called Got2be. It's usually on offer. I use this before bed if I'm washing hair in the morning (can't venture out of house without washing it off, believe me!)

The next one always found in my hair is a sadly discontinued product from Redken called All Soft Velvet Whip. This is witchcraft in a bottle, I tell you. My overprocessed hair adores it and it doesn't weigh it down!
I have a "saved search" on Amazon and eBay for this (and a little stockpile at home)

The next one that was a lifesaver for my hair was by John Frieda. He made an amazing range back in the late 90's called "Beach Blonde" and I had everything from the range,  it was that good! The one thing left from those days is 'Shine In The Spotlight Glosser' (which is basically silicone in a tube), I achieve shiny hair but greasy and weighed down very quickly. Trick with this is to apply to properly wet hair, not damp and to blow dry straight away. Or to apply to wet hair, don't brush through, don't touch at all and I get very nice, defined waves.
As I'm a habitual hair-fiddler this is difficult....


  1. Saw Tall and wavy on Kats blog. Drawn to the name because my daughter is 6ft 3" with VERY curly hair. I m 6ft 2" but with very straight hair! We have tried everything at all different prices on my daughters hair but what works best is Boots own make Curl Creme. Looks like Bramante and is very cheap but seems to work well.

  2. I love Kat's blog!
    Thank you ZoeB, I shall have a look at the curl creme. I'll post a pic of my untamed hair and try some more products out!